Line Array Telecine Version 3 with Sunburst Secondary Color Correction system for film to tape grading with D-2 & SDI outputs

Marconi B3410Cinesound photo (above).
All other photos by George Greene, The Greene Sheet.
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Additional techical information provided by Peter Smolka, Linear Transfer Communications, UK, who assisted Dennis with phone support and board repairs.

Marconi B3410 Line array Telecine with
Sunburst secondary color grading, D-2 and SDI digital outputs

Line array sensors - Fairchild / Loral 134 - overload protected with exposure control

Film speed variable 12 fps to 33 fps.

Marconi Telecine Wizard Peter Smolka writes:
"Version 03 -fully programmable variable speed as standard with speed- running time calculator for variable speed on scenes to change the film running time. Lexicon interface for the sound pitch variations."

Peter provides world-wide tech support for Marconi telecines, including on-site service or service in his workshop that has three versions of Marconi telecines, board repairs, software upgrades and refurbishment.

Among the options and upgrades available:

  • 2 , 3 , 4 , 8 perf Scaning of 35 mm
  • Full academy gate for 35mm
  • Super 16mm gate and software
  • Digital depattern
  • Dolby COMOPT stereo
  • YUV outputs
  • Redesigned headamps and antialiasing prefilters
  • improved A / D
  • Replacement Power Supply Units
  • Widened scan for Sony Digibeta's narrow blanking
  • Lamphouse mask
  • Improved capstan assembly etc.

Operational until September at Cinesound, Minneapolis, Minnesota,
a full-service post production facility. See company website

Company closed on recent passing of owner Dennis O'Rourke, who operated and maintained the B3410.

Offered through
George Greene
The Greene Sheet, Inc.
3009 74th Ave. N
Brooklyn Park, MN 55444
(763) 560-3292
E-mail George by clicking here.

PRICE: $6,000 cash.
Available for inspection on request. Location is just west of Minneapolis-St. Paul airport
and not far north of a Penske truck rental location on the same street.

Main Deck of the B3410

This line array telecine can work from camera negative, positive, and interpositive film in Super 8, 16 and 35mm.

All ratios including Cinemascope, letterbox, or pan and scan are available through front panel or remote panel controls.

Additional Capabilities:

•Optical zoom (up to 2x) with pan-and-scan.
•16mm or Super 8 Mag Stripe audio
•35mm and 16mm Optical audio
•Interlock any audio format with 35mm, 16mm or Super 8.
(Requires outboard audio and synchronizing equipment not included in this package)

Closer shot of control panel showing:

Primary color correction joysticks (black, gamma, white,) on the left,
black and white level (center of panel)
transport motion, speed and audio controls, on the right.

Evertz Film Footage Encoding

Processor Test Unit, and Evertz EV16F and Evertz 35mm KeyKode readers that read KeyKode bar code along the edge of film stock and send data to the Evertz 4025 film footage encoder in adjacent rack.

Looks like a few audio reel hold downs next to the blocks: The pair are for an Ampex 350 series audio deck and the other is from a Revox B-77.

Picture and Waveform monitoring:

JVC (9"?) picture monitor with underscan, pulse-cross and blue gun only.

MAGNI WFM 560 NTSC/PAL/Component Analog Video waveform monitor above picture and waveform monitor switching panel.

High voltage power supply in space next to monitor.

There's room for a larger monitor in this rack area or the addition of a half-rack vectorscope.

Two of the three gate assemblies included with this B3410:

This Marconi B3410 has 35, 16 and Super 8mm gates, making it possible to transfer a wide range of negative and positive film stocks.

Super 8 gates for these or other line array or CRT based telecines are not common, so this Marconi offers a unique opportunity to transfer low-budget features shot in Super 8 or home movies, with magnetic stripe audio tracks or without sound.

Super 35 and Super 16 gates are available, as is the software upgrade to allow the B3410 to properly scan Super 16.

The gates are stored in trays behind a door in the overbridge.

From the back:

Back side of the Marconi B3410.

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Includes interconnecting cables between Marconi B3410 transport and remote control panels, Sundance rack chassis and Sundance operating panels, Accom Digital Image Enhancer 125.


Cables were reportedly pulled back through computer floor with connectors intact for easier hookup by new owner. (Not pictured)

Power for Deck:

30amp, 125 volt twistlock power plug and cable used to power the transport.

Adjacent rack uses separate power.

Sunburst Color Correction

Sunburst color corrector control panel, located in telecine suite.

See Detailed Brochure here

This Sunburst includes the optional "Call-A-Picture System" described in the brochure, below.

Remote Controls for Marconi Deck:

Primary Marconi Remote Control Panel, located in Telecine Suite.

Controls include the black and whie levels, primary color correction, aspect ratio and "pan and scan."

Varispeed control panel:

Includes shuttle control and Varispeed for changing the length of shots or full features.  Has button for "air blast" to clear debris from gate.

Audio Control Panel:

Controls audio level from optical and magnetic readers, whether Dolby noise reduction is switched in or out.

Accom Digital Image Enhancer 125 Remote Panel

Located in the Telecine Suite, this panel controls the main processor, located in the rack next to the Marconi B3410 transport.

The Accom DIE 125 is generally used in Telecine work for noise reduction.



Sigma TSG-375 Test Signal Generator

Located at the top of the rack next to the B3410 transport.

Provides Bars, Countdown and a variety of other NTSC test signals.  May also have been the sync generator for the rack and transport.

Rack Mounted Equipment:

Evertz 4025 Film Footage Encoder dual standard (NTSC and PAL) integrated time code/keykode system with multi-functioned time code generator, reader and character inserter

Takes the KeyKode edge code infomation from the FV16 and FV 35 readers and outputs and the bi-phase information from the Marconi transport and generates on-screen displays of footage count, time code and KeyKode, and outputs timecode for frame-accurate scene to scene color correction or editing with a VTR .

Grass Valley Group EDE-11N "Emphasys" Encode System digitally encodes and decodes color difference or RGB video formats into composite analog or digital (D2) video with a significant improvement in artifact removal.

Nova Systems ASD-1 Component Analog to Serial Digital Converter

Sunburst Color Corrector "Call-A-Picture System" chassis.

Sunburst Color Corrector rack units:

The top unit handles the "Call-A-Picture System" as described in the brochure below.

Main Data Processor

Scanner Interface

Accom Digital Image Enhancer 125 chassis, with remote control in Telecine Suite.
Operation and/or maintenance manuals for Marconi B3410, Sunburst Color Corrector, Accom Digital Image Enhancer 125, Magni WFM-560, Grass Valley Group EDE-11N "Emphasys" Encode System and other components of this Telecine system.
Video Test Board/Extender card and what we believe are new-in-box-plastic covers for Marconi gate assemblies.

Sunburst Color Correction Brochure:
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